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Frequently Asked Questions


be mediàtic is an agency specialized in marketing services. This includes all kinds of businesses in the tertiary sector, but to give you an idea, we usually work with the following groups: lawyers and professional firms, consultants, schools and educational institutions, real estate and construction companies, the medical sector and health centers. In addition to public institutions, employers and personalities.

First, in specialization. Our know-how revolves around service businesses, institutions and personalities. We are a boutique agency due to the size and excellence of our work. This makes us very flexible and agile to the needs of the market. And, finally, in the care we have for details: not only how we offer deliveries to our customers, but because of the high demands we have for design. For us, the design is a seal of quality and professionalism of the agency.

We are an agency that offers consulting services. In other words, we are a consultancy that likes the work we do so much that we end up executing it from start to finish: from the moment we are presented with a communication challenge, through the entire operational phase of the campaign, until we deliver the final reports with all the analytics.

It depends on the needs of the client and the project. We can work both for one-off assignments and on a recurring basis for a fee. We try to be agile and provide the best service in all cases, although we prioritize subscription customers because we end up becoming their marketing department, part of their team.

It depends. It depends on the size of the project, the delivery deadline, the extent of the resources it will need. Below we offer an indicative price range for the most comprehensive services.

Branding: From 3k to 15k

Strategic communication plans: From 3k

Corporate website: from 2.5k to 15k

Offline media campaign: From 3k to 50k

We have a special sensitivity for newly created projects. Entrepreneurship is very important for the economic dynamism of the country. That’s why we like to help those starting out and close the circle from when we started.

Yes, we are approved agents. Consult here the services we can offer subsidized with the Digital Kit and the Next Generation Funds of the European Union.

The company Mediatic Marketing Communications, SL was founded in 2014. Although the consultancy and agency activity started a few years earlier.

He currently speaks Catalan, Spanish, English and French. Although we live in a global and technological world, we will easily find a way to understand each other and the necessary resources to do the work in the language the client wants.

We work from Monday to Thursday from 9am to 6.30pm and on Fridays from 8am to 2pm.

Neither one nor the other or, rather, both. We work in a hybrid way and we love it. We can more easily reconcile our lives, serve our clients better, focus on more creative work, without giving up working physically with the whole team and even at the client’s home.

Journalists, designers, UX / UI expert designers, community managers, SEO positioning experts, Sem and social ads campaign experts, web programmers… We also work with collaborators external to the agency. We like to work with the best of the best with each project, without giving up having a multidisciplinary team ready to take on all kinds of challenges.

Our agency takes rigorous security measures to protect all of our clients’ data, including encrypting sensitive data, implementing firewalls, and constantly monitoring for potential threats. Periodically, we also pass audits for compliance with European data protection regulations.

We usually offer between 3 and 6 months, depending on the web project and its degree of complexity. The guarantee will always be valid if there are no third parties who can make clumsy use of the site’s code.

The price included in any invoice and/or budget for media goods does not include the delivery of the original editable documents with which the client can manipulate and/or alter the graphic material. Only the final arts are included. We reserve the right to deliver them and charge a price for that purpose.

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